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Justin Bieber New Song 2014: Singer & Cody Simpson to Release Duets Album

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Justin Bieber is set to release a brand new album, featuring Australian pop singer, Cody Simpson. The two reportedly collaborated on a number of duets with an acoustic vibe.

A photo that emerged last month seemed to tease fans of the singers' upcoming project. Eventually, 17-year-old Simpson confirmed that their highly anticipated new music will be coming out soon.

In July, the Aussie singer heartthrob posted a tweet which reads: "hanging around the kitchen island playing my family a bunch of new music. @justinbieber what we've created is incredible mate!!"

He also shared a teaser of one of their new songs via Instagram

The "Pretty Brown Eyes" singer himself is a self confessed fan of Bieber recalling how he had a grand time touring with the "Baby" hit maker in Europe. Simpson served as opening act during the Believe 2012 and 2013 tour.

In an interview with Tribute, Simpson recalled how he and Bieber were able to pull off the upcoming album.

"He gave me a call a couple months back and I guess he'd seen some little clips I posted on Instagram of me playing guitar and jamming and soloing, and he was like, "Man, you're getting really good. I'd love you to come and write." We went in and ended up being in the studio til six in the morning, came out with a song, went in the next night and then ended up writing like 12 songs in seven days, working all night. So it was a great experience. We're both very different people and we're both inspired in very different ways but I was able to come in and play some guitars and we were able to write some beautiful songs together, pretty acoustic-sounding, so you'll hear some music this year." 

In another interview, this time, with dailytelegraph.com.au, Simpson added that his new music with the "As Long As You Love Me" singer will be released "by November." He did all the guitar playing in the album which he described as acoustic sounding for most of the songs.

Simpson and Bieber have the same manager, Scooter Braun. According to The Guardian, this is the first time that Selena Gomez's on and off boyfriend shares an entire album with another artist. 

Apart from their soon to be out team-up album, the two artists are both working double time on each of their individual albums, the site continued.

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