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College Life: Best Dorm Photos of Fall 2014

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Yup. Back to school time is...back? That's right, summer is over (insert collective groan here) and that means millions of college students are back at school, and the unlucky ones are stuck in the dorms. I'm just kidding--sort of. Dorms can be cool and not-so-cool. In fact, we've gathered photographic evidence of cool and not-so-cool things about dorm life on a college campus. 

Shall we begin?

Let's start this off nice and easy. Everyone likes hammocks right? They swing, for crying out loud! What's up with that racketball racket? That is not adequate decore, College Girl! For shame.

If someone isn't displaying their wit publicly on your dorm floor, you need to go to a different college. Just leave. You're wasting your parents' money on an uninspired institution. Waste it somewhere else, where the kids understand what common areas were meant for: tagging.

Ok. Ok. Ok. Ok. So, this girl claims to be using the end of a toothbrush to eat ramen because she doesn't have a fork? Let me guess, communications major, right? Not having stuff in your own room is the perfect excuse to raid the inventory of your neighbors, preferably when they aren't there! Start rummaging and use your "lack" of supplies as an excuse for when you get caught in a strangers room, playing they're Sega Genesis. As for Abby here, we wish her the best, because, let's face it, toothbrush

Dorms are really only about two things: sleeping and eating ridiculously unhealthy food in insane amounts. This guy knows what he's doing. Although, he forgot the dipping sauces. Where's the honey ketchup man?! Or, at the very least, some blue ranch bbq cheese dressing. Next.

Ah, this guy puts all you other "dormers" to shame! Look at this guy! I don't care what his name is, I'm going to call him 'Chaz.' Good job, Chaz. You've made both adequate use of that fridge's space and your brain. 

I don't think this guy actually goes to any particular university, other than Crunchy Cape-Pants U. Never has a man so elegantly underdressed, looked this wistfully at a stove, especially while he was munching on good ol' Cap N' Crunch. Crunch on, Crunchy-Cape.

OMG, guys! They really nailed us down with this one! Boys so lame and uncreative. Seriously though, having a stripped down room ensures that loafers, and the even more dreaded inter-loafers, won't have any reason to come to your room. The best way to give people a reason to "hang out" in your dorm is to make it "cool." Believe me, the last thing you want is to wake up in the middle of the night and see ol' Captain Crunchy-Cape (See above) standing over your bed as he munches on a handful of cereal and stares wistfully at your stove.

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