Updated 07:11 PM EST, Sun, Feb 28, 2021

NBA Rumors & News: Celtics, Knicks, Cavs, Heat, Thunder and Sixers

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With the locomotive of the NFL slowly churning along and gaining speed towards the start of the season, it's easy to forget about NBA news. Luckily for you we've rounded up all the latest NBA rumors and trades. This is an easy way to stay informed, while gaining some important talking points that will immediately put you in the middle of a good basketball debate.

Rajon Rondo  

It has been rumored that the Boston Celtics are trying to move Rajon Rondo to any team that will listen. The Boston Globe is dismissing these rumors saying that logically they just don't make sense. Rondo will be a free agent next season, and it's highly unlikely that if traded he would sign an extension with his new squad. The Sacramento Kings have shown immense interest in Rondo, but the chances of Rondo deciding to stay in Sacramento are a long shot.

Michael Beasley

For a while Michael Beasley was rumored to be coming to the Los Angeles Lakers. We reported earlier that the move was not as good as it sounded. New reports are coming out of Miami that give a chilling warning to those who would take a chance on Beasley. The Miami Herald reports that a source close to the team told them that Beasley is "inconsistent, lacks trust in his defense, and maturity/focus issues, which are still a concern even though he improved somewhat in that regard last season."

Emeka Okafor

While Okafor is busy recovering from a herniated disk in his lower back, the Miami Heat and Cleveland Cavaliers are showing interest in the center. The signing is still some months away, but look for these two teams to make a serious bid for Okafor.

Iman Shumpert 

Shumpert's days in a New York Knick Jersey seem to be numbered. Shumpert has been shopped to various teams but with no luck yet. It's unclear why Phil Jackson and the Knicks would seek to unload the valuable asset of Iman Shumpert. Shumpert is a unique two-way player and should be a great addition to any team he is sent too.


Hasheem Thabeet  

The Oklahoma City Thunder have sent Thabeet to the Philadelphia 76'ers. The Sixers could always use a 7-foot-3 center, but it is unclear what their underlying motive is in the play. Usually Philadelphia is the team who gives up players in order to receive draft picks.

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