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Derek Jeter Retiring: Top 3 Hilarious Tributes to the Baseball Player

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Derek Jeter, who is arguably a legend at this point, will end an amazing career in baseball when this season ends.

Jeter, who Fox Sports hailed as "the face of our national pastime," will leave the league with five World Series championships and the title as the all-time hits leader of the New York Yankees. Over two decades, let's just say he impressed a lot of people.

That's why it had such great impact when he announced his retirement after the 2014 season, with ticket prices on the uptick and baseball's best players chiming in with their compliments, For The Win said.

With the deadline inching, here is a rundown of three standout tributes:

[1] Jeter Christ

It was an ultimate blessing, the New York Daily News quipped, when Albert Pujols likened the athlete to Christ.

In a tweet sent out by Mike DiGiovanna, he quoted Pujols as saying: "On and off field, he's the way you want your kids to grow up, Only Jesus is perfect, but he's pretty close to that guy." 

Bryce Harper said Jeter "will be missed," Josh Reddick recalled his first wow moment in the league, David Wright saw himself as a "fortunate" guy, and Preston Mattingly considers Jeter a hero, another For The Win report said, but nothing stands out in the long list of recognitions from Major League Baseball players more than Pujols'.

[2] Giant Corn Maze

Earlier this month, a New Jersey farm decided to invest its resources on making a maze on a 5-acre cornfield, with the 40-year-old team captain's face all over it, the Bleacher Report said. The farm's name is on top of the frame and "Thanks Captain Clutch" and the number 2 are at the bottom.

The maze, open in September, is a tribute from Von Thun's Country Farm Market & Greenhouses in Monmouth Junction, New York Daily News said. It is for an annual corn maze project, according to the farm's Facebook page.

For those who want to go, the farm is located at 519 Ridge Road and is open from 10 a.m. to 6:30 p.m.

[3] Derek on the Mona Lisa

On August 26, with a Yankees visit to Kansas City, members of the Lowndes family--we're guessing Dan, Lily and Max--decided to put Jeter's full-smiling head on the face of Leonardo Da Vinci's Mona Lisa, another Fox Sports report said.

The team played in a game that was first scheduled in June--it ended 8-1 against the hometown Royals at Kauffman Stadium; and the camera caught the family's bizarre tribute to the Hall of Famer.

That could have been creepier, though, Fox Sports said, explaining that they could have pasted his mug on the face of Jesus in the Last Supper.

"The way fans have treated me pretty much everywhere we've gone this year has been pretty special," Jeter said, as quoted by MLB.com. "...[T]hose are the things I'll take away from each city that I've gone the last time."

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