Updated 09:56 AM EDT, Sat, Oct 24, 2020

Nick Cannon Confirms Split from Mariah Carey

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After months of fan speculation, Nick Cannon has officially gone on record and announced that he and Mariah Carey, his wife of six years, are getting a divorce.

Lawyers have already gotten involved in the ordeal, and they are now working to divide the estate and determine custody over the couple's 3-year-old twins, according to reports. It is widely believed that Carey will receive custody over the children, but Cannon will be allowed visitation rights.

Cannon opened up to The Insider, saying, "We have been living in separate houses for a few months. Right now my main focus is on my kids."

Cannon and Carey seem to be decently amicable in their split, unlike many other celebrities who drag their spouses through the mud.

Alec Baldwin had a notoriously rough divorce, which was brought to light after tapes of some of his voicemail messages were leaked to the public, in which Baldwin could be heard screaming obscenities at the top of his lungs.   

Although the couple is remaining almost silent over the split, it has been reported that Carey took offense when Cannon talked to The Insider about the divorce. This isn't the first time that Cannon's chattiness with the media has gotten him in trouble.

According to TMZ, the trouble in paradise started when Cannon began making off-colored comments about Carey to the press. On Howard Stern's radio show Cannon revealed that Mariah Carey would not have sex with him until the two were married.

On Power 106, Cannon was asked about the 'top five women he'd slept with.' While many married men would attempt to dodge the question, Cannon answered honestly, which allegedly upset Carey.

Sources close to Cannon told TMZ that Carey is almost impossible to deal with because she surrounds herself with "yes men." If anyone dares to disagree with her point of view then there is hell to pay. Cannon, being the funny man that he is, wouldn't appear to be able to take orders with no say of his own.

Carey is estimated at being worth more than $500 million, which will likely be divided up with Cannon. Two of her homes are currently on the market waiting to be sold. 

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