Updated 05:11 AM EDT, Tue, Apr 20, 2021

iPhone 6 Production Update: Back Light Issue Causes Delays

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Apple's next iPhone has apparently hit production problems--again. This has truly been the summer of the iPhone as rumors of all sorts of production problems for the iPhone 6 have run rampant across the Internet. Now, according to insiders, the iPhone 6 production was apparently delayed due to a problem with its display, which stopped production for an undisclosed amount of time this summer. 

ZDNet reports that iPhone 6 production was halted when an issue with the smart phone's display backlight caused it to be redesigned for some reason. The backlight helps illuminate the iPhone 6's display, and hardware manufacturers are reportedly working overtime in order to make up for the production delay. 

Apparently the issue lies in the fact that Apple had first decided to go with a backlight with a single layer of film. Normally smart phone displays use a dual backlight layer, but Apple wants to make the iPhone 6 as thin as possible, so they initially eschewed the dual layer. Reportedly the single layer backlight film didn't produce a bright enough display, and so production stopped while Apple redesigned it. 

ZDNet reports that the issue has been apparently dealt with because production has resumed and hardware manufacturers Japan Display, Sharp and LG Display are all hard at work trying to make enough displays to fill Apple's quota for this year. 

Pegatron is the firm that will handle the assembly of the iPhone 6, and ZD quotes them as acknowledging that there is a partial shortage in certain a certain hardware component--though they wouldn't confirm which one:

"Currently, there's a small shortage in supply of a specialized component for our communication devices. This kind of problem regularly occurs and the impact on production is negligible." Neither Apple nor its display manufacturers responded to requests for a comment on the issue. 

It certainly makes sense that a production of this magnitude is bound to encounter some sort of glitch along the way. And when you consider that Apple has been projected to sell between 70 to 80 million units this year, it would actually be a miracle for such a mass production to not have any issues at all. 

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