Updated 01:42 PM EDT, Tue, Oct 27, 2020

Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon Divorce Rumors Surface as the Couple Remains Silent

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The marriage between music-icon Mariah Carey and television host Nick Cannon seems to be on its ways down the drain. Carey and Cannon have been married for six-years and have two children, but the damage has already been done. Reports from an insider state that the trouble in paradise started when Cannon did a revealing interview back in March, when he was asked about his 'top five sexual partners.'

TMZ was the first to report about how upset Carey was over the Cannon interview on Power 106. Instead of dodging the question, Cannon honestly laid out his list saying, "That's easy. Ok, Mariah Carey, Christina Milian, Nicole Scherzinger, Selita Ebanks, oh, Kim Kardashian."

As most married men would probably advise, a husband should never speak publicly about his sexual exploits while he is still married. To make matters worse, Cannon continued to speak about his short fling with Kim Kardashian on-air as well as saying, "Are you kidding me this is L.A.? That's the whole purpose of it, you have sex with actresses, singers, models."

A week later Cannon tried to repair the damage he had done on-air saying that, "She doesn't even know who Kim Kardashian is. She doesn't pay attention to that. She doesn't care when I talk about our sex life because our sex life is amazing." While that might be Cannon's opinion of his wife, it's obviously not true.

According to TMZ, the couple has been separated ever since May, and Carey has been seeing a divorce attorney in a closed-door meeting. According to an insider that spoke with the Daily Mail, "Nick's being more passive. He's less inclined to pull the trigger, perhaps because of the kids. He'll definitely wait for Mariah to file for divorce, but he won't go down without a fight. He wants a chunk of her $500 million fortune."

In a society that usually features the male as the major earner in the family, it is interesting to watch how Carey will have to pay Cannon alimony. Carey will likely get full custody of the couple's twins, but Cannon is adamant about receiving visitation rights. When it comes to divorce, California has some the strictest spousal laws in the country. A 50 percent split could be a possibility unless a separate arrangement is made.

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