Updated 09:47 AM EDT, Sat, Oct 23, 2021

Microscopic Camera Captures 'Jellyfish' Sting Like Never Before [Video]

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If you love science, you're going to want to subcribe to Smarter Every Day, the Youtube channel hosted by rocket scientist Destin Sardin. In his latest episode, Sardin simulates a microscopic and slow motion view of how a jellyfish stings something. Normally this occurs so fast and at a level beyond what the naked eye can resolve, that we could never hope to view it otherwise. 

According to Maine News, Sardin begins the video by addressing the stinging ability of the box jellyfish, aka one of the most deadly creatures in the world thanks to the venom it carries. He likens the box jellyfish's stinging mechanism to having "a bunch of tiny hypodermic needles attached to its tentacles," which shoot out and sting whatever it comes in contact with, reports Maine News.

In order to view this amazing process, Sardin headed to James Cook University in Austrailia in order to make make this viewing possible. There he met with Professor Jamie Seymour, who, along with his team, is working to counteract the effects of the box jellyfish's venom.

Apparently, Sardin wasn't able to get a hold of a jellyfish for the video, so they used a tentacle from a sea anemone instead. Scientists then initiated the "sting" by shocking the tentacle with electricity. According to the video, the sting took around 11 miliseconds to deliver its venom. 

Seymour thought the footage Sardin was able to capture was outstanding and commented that they'd, "never had the camera technology to actually do it at this level before."

While this isn't footage of an actual jellyfish sting, it's pretty similar to how a jellyfish sting works. If you love the ocean, this video will give you a brand new respect for the awesome creatures that reside there, and also empathy for anyone who has every had the misfortune of being stung by one of these creatures before. 

So next time your snorkeling and you encounter a jellyfish, remember to keep your distance while you admire their amazing beauty or else you might just get stung.  

Check out Sardin's video below and see how the stinging process works:

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