Updated 12:39 PM EDT, Mon, Jun 25, 2018

Khloe Kardashian Not Removing Lamar Odom Tattoo

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In the latest "Keeping Up With The Kardashians" episode, Khloe Kardashian revealed that she does not want to have her matching tattoos with Lamar Odom removed. 

Her famous ink reads "LO."

KK's sister, Kim, suggested to add the letters "VE" to the already existing tattoo, reports Hollywood Life.

Fans have also reached out to KK by sharing their opinions on how she can modify the skin art. Some of the suggestions expressed via Twitter were as follows:

@khloekardashian Put a KH before and an E after the LO tattoo. -TheRealAndyCrawford

@khloekardashian Add YO to your LO, this way you honor ur relationship with Lam & YOLO - Megan Krotz

I said @khloekardashian could add a "VE" to her tattoo! Me and my idol @KimKardashian think alike - BOUND2KIMYE

Aside from her tattoo dilemma, KK seemed to show that she still cares for Odom. She defended the former NBA star when he crashed a club where she and current boyfriend, French Montana, were also in at that time.

It was revealed that KK didn't want to ban Odom from the club even if they are not in good terms. Some of Khloe's fans think that it is a sign that the 30-year-old star still cares for her ex, reports Christian Post. Others believed that the supposed club banning incident was all framed up just to put more spice on the famed reality show.

Meanwhile, Kim Kardashian was questioning why Khloe was being secretive about the new status of her love life. Kanye West's wife felt annoyed to find out such big deal of information about her own sister's life from online news articles rather than getting it straight from KK.

"I think if anything my sisters are the first people I tell all my business to so it's kind of weird that Khloe can be so secretive," Kim said.

KK was seen doing a cameo role at the latest music video of French Montana. The pair started dating earlier this year, reports say. KK filed for divorce in December of last year to put an end to her marriage with Odom.

KK's new man has been bombarded with negative comments since the time he admitted with Billboard magazine that he is capitalizing on the Kardashian's fame. As for Khloe's reaction to it, she just simply doesn't care.

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