Updated 06:02 AM EDT, Sat, May 30, 2020

Beyonce & Jay Z Divorce Rumors: Lawyers 'Already Involved,' Says Source

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Numerous entertainment gossip sites are throwing out speculations about the real status of the couple especially with the two seemingly fine in front of the public.

However, according to Hollywood Life, the Beyonce is already done and that an insider says she is all set to file for divorce in New York.

The site also reiterated that even if they recently showed a lot of PDA during their most recent "On The Run" tour, they often avoid talking about their marriage status rumors and only talk when it is about Blue Ivy.

Another source shared with the gossip site that the two work well as business partners but some things just could not last forever.

News that Beyonce is already getting lawyers involved was first reported last week, stated Inquisitr. The sources claim that the "Crazy in Love" singer met up with her lawyers so as to settle her assets in the future.

Such news triggered more speculations that the reason behind her plans of protecting her fortune could be a possible divorce with her rapper hubby.

In addition, Beyonce was also spotted searching for apartments within New York City but without Jay Z in sight. Sources also shared that they have been living separately after finishing the highly successful "On The Run" summer tour.

A separate Hollywood Life article mentioned how chairwoman Leslie Barbara, an expert practitioner of matrimonial law for two decades, viewed how a possible Beyonce and Jay Z divorce would turn out.

"They should be divorcing in NYC based on their residency there and if there is a prenuptial agreement, they would still have to address issues with regard to their daughter, including custody, visitation and support," Barbara explained.

And as for her personal advice to the Queen Bey if the divorce rumors are indeed true, she says, "As for Beyoncé, there is no way to get around the pains of divorce; if the marriage does end, she is going to have to go through the process. I would surround myself with good friends and family and have a support system in place. She will come out on the other side stronger; I am confident of that."

Fans of the power couple certainly would wish that rumors of Beyonce and Jay Z getting a divorce are not true and that the two are simply in a challenging phase of married life. In fact, even their good friend and selfie queen Kim Kardashian recently wished the two well, reported MTV.

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