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Hulk Hogan Birthday Bash Ups WWE RAW Views

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Hulk Hogan's popularity has not waned, years after he fought his last battle on the ring. WWE Raw made him feel extra special as they celebrated Hulk's 61st birthday with a grand blowout on Monday Night Raw.

The franchise's fans "went nuts" that night, For The Win reported."Hogan ripped off his classic red-and-yellow shirt to reveal an NWO shirt and Kevin Nash led the crowd in singing 'Happy Birthday'", the report added.

The Hulkmania ode was an "elaborate" bash for the WWE legend's birthday, said The Big Lead, because aside from Nash, wrestling greats like "Mean" Gene Okerlund, "Mr. Wonderful" Paul Orndorff, Ric Flair, "Rowdy" Roddy Piper and Scott Hall, another nWo member, were also in attendance.

According to The Independent, current superstars also graced the ringside already bathed in the celebrant's red and yellow signature colors as Hogan gave a speech. 

However, Brock Lesnar and spokesperson, Paul Heyman, "hijacked" the shindig, Sky Sports said. The pair interrupted the celebration, headed to the ring and went on a stare-down showdown with their seniors in the wrestling business. 

Afterwards, it appeared that Lesnar was ready to give Hogan a surprise match, but John Cena, who he is set to fight on Sunday at SummerSlam, saved the day by challenging Lesnar. The latter just walked away.

Viewers might have enjoyed the spectacle in Portland as well, as Wrestling Inc. reported that the final show before SummerSlam drew 4.3 million pairs of eyeballs, a 6-percent increase from the previous week's figures.

In fact, Raw ranked third for the night on cable in the adults 18-49 category, the report added. More than 4 million viewers were tuned in during the first hour and that numbber only increased--the second hour got 4.360 million viewers and the final, 4.458 million.

It was not the sure-fire method to get old WWE fans to view the action, The Big Lead acknowledged, and it was a "gracious" act for Vince McMahon to give the former men a prime billing. 

To show more of that graciousness, McMahon showed up after the show ended to give Hulk Hogan "a big hug," per another Wrestling Inc. report. The WWE boss even raised Hogan's arms, it added. 

Many celebrities and sports icons also sent pre-recorded greetings for the Hulkster, Wrestle Zone said. Singer-songwriter "Weird Al" Yankovic, talk show host Larry King, and American football's Drew Brees, AJ Hawk and Aaron Rodgers were among them. 

Portland's Voodoo Doughnut also joined the festivities on Monday, creating a Hulk Hogan-themed doughnut, Oregon Live said. In case you're wondering, here's how it looks.

The Big Lead commented that the absence of fisticuffs at the end of the show was dissapointing, but it was much better than seeing old men fight a current threat in the WWE, who can even tell Hulk he is a "grandpa."

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