Updated 01:30 AM EST, Sun, Feb 28, 2021

Rory McIlroy Wins PGA 2014 Championship: Third Youngest Player to Win Four Majors, Is He The Next Tiger?

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Tiger Woods' days as the supreme ruler of golf seem to be falling by the wayside. As of late, Tiger has been plagued by injuries; perhaps the toll he must now pay for competing at such a high level for so long. With Tiger now essentially out of the picture, golf fans are looking for the next big player to step up into the limelight.

Rory McIlroy has been on the warpath this year, landing two consecutive major victories. No golfer has achieved this feat since 2008. After winning his fourth major, McIlroy has injected himself into the conversation about being the next big star. At 25 years old, McIlroy is the third youngest player to reach the four major's mark. The two players ahead of him, Tiger Woods and Jack Nicklaus, are first and second in overall major wins.

The correlation between youthful talent and career longevity is being made in the case of McIlroy. Rory shows an immense amount of raw talent, which seemingly improves each passing season.

McIlroy has been known to dominate competition, winning tournaments by alarming shot margins. The 2014 PGA Championship showed a different side of McIlroy. McIlroy was down three shots coming into the backstretch on the final day of competition. McIlroy blasted clutch drives, including an eagle on a par-five. The come from behind victory shows that McIlroy isn't necessarily the flashiest player, but when it's crunch time he delivers.

McIlroy was asked about his future and where he sees himself ending up when it's all said and done. "It's not something I ever thought about or dreamed of," he explained. "I'd like to win my fourth and that's it, and just try and keep going like that, just one after the other. And if it adds up to whatever number it adds up to in my career, then that's great. I don't want to put that pressure on myself. I don't want to put that burden of a number to try and attain."

Whether McIlroy wants the pressure or not, the golf world cannot wait until Augusta National--the next major championship tournament--which takes place next spring. McIlroy will be competing for a career grand slam--meaning he will have won all four major championship tournaments--an achievement that if met, will only strengthen his newfound reign as golfs greatest player.  

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