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'Flawless' by Beyonce Lyrics Lil Kim Version Disses Nicki Minaj?

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Beyonce has just dropped her "Flawless" remix track featuring Nicki Minaj, and already, a celebrity feud has ensued. A pumped up Lil Kim has fired back at her rival with her own version of the song.

According to MTV.com, In the original Beyonce-Minaj song, Minaj rapped, "Queen Bey and the Queen of Barbz proclaimed that they ‘woke up like this'" but Lil Kim, who proclaimed herself as Queen Bee, answered back with, "'woke up like diss,' taking aim at her longtime rival in rhyme."

Minaj rhymes: "Slap these hoes on they ass like we birthing b*tches/The queen of rap, slaying with Queen B...."

Lil Kim felt the need to let her own version rip and her beats pretty much stay the same as the original remix. The new mom of daughter, Princess, fires back with: "Am I trippin or did this ho just say my name? Queen of rap, f*ck outta here / Queen's back, f*ck outta here / Time to get this rap b*tch up outta here."

The thing is, the Internet seems to side with Minaj. A number of Twitter members voiced their thoughts on the rivalry. Complex.com noted that a new hashtag, #LilKimGiveUp, has caught on, and it's not in favor of Lil Kim.

One user, Hunti (@xHunah), wrote: "Okay I'm done hating on Lil Kim her life is already miserable if you listened to the Flawless Remix. #LilKimGiveUp."

The Lil Kim vs. Nicki Minaj issue has been going on for years. Lil Kim spoke about the apparent cold war during a visit to "The Breakfast Club" a few years back. According to The Urban Daily, "The beef between Kimberly and Onika is deeper than we suspected. It stems from a failed venture with Birdman and Slim of Cash Money. Kim claims that while Nicki would say she loved her, she also hated her and that isn't paying homage."

"According to Kim, Nicki was very arrogant and catty. Kim also takes credit for bringing Nicki's style to the table. She says Nicki was in the studio with her before signing with YMCMB and hating then!" continued the site.

Want to hear what Lil Kim had to say about the use of her self-proclaimed "Queen of Rap" title? Listen to the remixed-remix below compared to the original remix:

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