Updated 09:09 AM EDT, Tue, Aug 04, 2020

Beyonce Spotted Apartment Hunting Without Jay Z Amidst Reports of a Marriage Breakdown

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Beyonce was spotted in New York City apartment hunting last month -- without her hubby, Jay Z, according to reports. These reports only add fuel to the rumors have been making the rounds about to the couple's marriage, which naysayers believe is on the verge of collapse, even though they are currently on tour together. 

"They are trying to figure out a way to split without divorcing," a source told the New York Post. "This is a huge concert tour and they've already gotten most of the money from the promoters upfront."

Beyonce allegedly looked at an apartment on West 19th Street in Chelseas, which was less than half the size of their current set up. Sources say that if Jay Z were involved, he would not be downsizing.

Speculators have wondered whether the apartment is for someone other than Beyonce, but with a $20 million price tag, it is doubtful that the apartment would be used for her mother or sister.

"Knowing them as I do, obviously there's a little something to certain rumors. When your man or your woman isn't getting it done for you, and I'm talking emotionally, not necessarily sexually... they keep things quiet." The inside source went on to tell the Post that steamy romance seems to be dissipating. "There are no rings, if you haven't noticed."

According to reports, Beyonce appeared to be very quiet and deep in thought during the apartment search. She and Jay Z are rulers of the pop world right now, so breaking up would mean giving up the crown, at least in a sense. Not to mention they have a child, Blue Ivy, which makes things all the more complex.

"There's still something there, even though it's not going to last. Business is always part of the equation," the source told the Post. "They know they're the king and queen of hip-hop - and really, all of music. Neither wants to lose that."

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