Updated 08:14 PM EST, Wed, Jan 20, 2021

Chael Sonnen News: Fighter Suspended For 2 Years

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The Nevada Athletic Commission has confirmed that retired UFC fighter, Chael Sonnen, will be suspended for two years as a sanction for testing positive for banned substances, anastrozole and clomiphene. 

Fan Sided reported that aside from the suspension, Sonnen will also pay doctors' fees and the random drug tests administered on May 24 and June 5. A fine was not imposed on him, though. The hearing occurred on Wednesday, July 23.

The commission, Fan Sided added, disapproved Sonnen's actions since he could have caused harm to Vitor Belfort, his supposed opponent at UFC 175.

The former UFC player, according to MMA Fighting, was "remorseful" for what he has done and noted that he will not dispute the commission's decision.

"I don't want to say anything to you that comes off as an excuse. I am guilty. I am ashamed, and I don't have any attempt to put up a defense," Sonnen told MMA Fighting.

After testing positive for the two banned substances, Sonnen retired from the UFC though he strongly defended that his body needed the said substances to help in his testosterone replacement therapy.

Fan Sided noted that Commissioner Pat Lundvall was "the most sympathetic" on the panel, saying that Sonnen should not be punished more since he already lost his jobs with the UFC and Fox Sports. Lundvall also advised the commission to help Sonnen.

However, another commissioner, Anthony Marnell, is not as symathetic as Lundvall. According to MMA Fighting,  Marnell expressed concern on the two-year suspension of Sonnen, saying it was not enough to cover for the fighter's "brazen cheating" and that he should be banned for a lifetime.

"I apologize to my fellow commissioners. I played baseball during the steroid era, I watched protection of men on 40-man rosters, I watched that stuff in the minor league locker room. I watched guys climb their way to the top because of that protection. I walked into rooms and got drug tested when 40-man guys didn't, and I watched the advantage they had over all of us who were fighting for our life, having to do it the legitimate way," he stressed.

But despite the objection, the commission stood by the decision to ban Sonnen only for two years.

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