Updated 12:50 PM EST, Sat, Nov 27, 2021

Pimp Your iPhone with These Free Apps, Inexpensive Tricks, and Life-Saving Phone Products [Download Now]

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If you're looking for ways to improve your iPhone we've got you covered. Check out these apps and products sure to make your iDevice stays as cool as the day it was announced by a stuffy old man on a dark stage some forgotten fall day. 


Jealous of those Galaxy S5 commercials where they flaunt the phone's ability to be dropped in sinks, drinks and toilets? Well, now it's your turn to drop your phone in those same places!

BGR reports that a company called Impervious now offers smartphone owners (not just iPhone owners) a way to waterproof their devices. While Impervious' services are nothing new, they are a bit more affordable than other similar products. 

Offerings start at $29.95 for DIY kits that work with the iPhone 5 or 5S or Android smartphones, and they also have kits for tablets from about $34.95 to $39.95.

According to BGR, the following awesome paid apps are FREE right now for a limited time:

Soundcloud Downloader

This app lets you download your favorite Soundcloud tracks and listen to them anytime, even if you're offline. You can also make playlists and save tracks for later.

Normally $1.99, Downloader for Soundcloud is now FREE for a limited time. Get it here!

Swipesight Photo Editor 

Lets you browse all of your photos with the filter of your choice and then you can apply it to only the ones you think look good with that effect. It's an improvement over the typical "photo filter" apps which usually only let you view one photo with a filter at a time.

Normally $1.99, Downloader for Swipesight is now FREE for a limited time.  Get it here!

Actions for iPad

This app is an iPad exclusive and allows you to control almost anything connected to your Mac or PC remotely. From the manufacturer:

Actions transforms your device in a smart and customizable controller for your Mac or PC, revolutionizing the axioms of computer interaction. Drop the uneffective experience of navigating menus or learning always new and abstruse shortcuts, touch your workflow and keep focus on your task.

Normally the app goes for $3.99 but it's FREE right now in the app store. Get it now!

Filterloop Pro

Retro filters for your sweet snapshots your thing? Cool. Check out Filterloop Pro and bring out the best in all of your photos. From the app developer:


  • 8 original + 14 premium photo filters
  • Signature pack including 28 unique filters created by professional photographers
  • Over 100 analog film textures, grain, and light leaks
  • Mix&match effects to discover amazing filter loops!
  • In-built camera: take a photo and edit it right away
  • Rectangular or square camera mode
  • Instantly post to Instagram, Facebook or Twitter or export pics to other apps  

Normally $0.99, Filterloop Pro is yours for FREE for a limited time! Get it here!

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