Updated 04:06 AM EST, Tue, Nov 30, 2021

That's So Latino: Roundup of the Funniest Latin Viral Videos on the Internet

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Remember those classic Latino viral videos that made you laugh for hours? We've complied five of those videos that are sure to bring back memories. Although we can't guarantee they'll be good ones. 

Watch at your own risk, especially if you're afraid of rivers. Or jerks. 

Latino Kid Unwilling Makes Friends with the Lake

There was always that whinny kid in the group. Though he tried hard to fit in, it was to no avail as he constantly was teased and the brunt of practical jokes. We feel sorry for him, but thank him for his contribution as a laugh sensation.

Mexican Juan

The "Juan Videos" are a newer string of Vines that poke fun at spoof ideas that represent Hispanic life.

Everything from pop culture to growing up Hispanic is represented in the "Juan Videos."

The Dreaded Chancla

Who hasn't been hit with Mother's chancla? For some these are some scary, scary memories running away from that sandal. Nevertheless, that child trauma seems a bit funny now.

Latino Hunger Games?

"The Hunger Games" sensation has taken over social media. The famous 'whistle call' is portrayed in this video, but with some salsa pizazz.

Oh, the Drunk Uncle Dance

We've always had 'that Uncle' who gets a little too wasted at weddings. This classic dance sensation has made us laugh for years.

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