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Star Wars Episode VII: Plot Details, Leaks, Characters & Rumors

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One of the most buzzed about movies in recent years, the release of Star Wars Episode VII is inching closer and closer to release time.

Traction is building in anticipation of December 18, 2015, when the film will be released on the 40th anniversary of the original Star Wars Episode: IV.

Original cast members Harrison Forward, Carrie Fisher and Mark Hamill will be onboard to play their former characters.

Although the plot is still being widely speculated on, what can be confirmed is that there will be a new trio of young stars who will continue their quest into the galaxy.

The film will take place 30 years after The Return of the Jedi, which saw the destruction of Darth Vader and a seemingly good ending point for the epic saga, this was not meant to be.

George Lucas has always insisted that he originally wrote the screenplay to be a series of three trilogies, totaling nine films. Lucas spoke of the nine films in a 1980 interview with Prevue magazine, but with the large periods of time spent between films, fans began to wonder if it would ever happen.

Star Wars Episode: VII is currently shooting in the United Kingdom, where crews have been spotted in the Forest of Dean. When looking at pictures of the forest it is easy to see why this location was picked. Roots of trees come up out of the ground and form peculiar looking canopies.

The film will be shot for and released in IMAX, which is always a great deal for die-hard fans. The special effects in the Star Wars saga have always been top notch, so the added HD exposure on a massive IMAX screen will be thrilling for fans.

Harrison Ford, who is playing Han Solo in the movie, broke his leg recently, so shooting will halt for a two-week period while he is able to rest up.

Brian Muir, the sculptor of the original Darth Vader mask, has signed on to work of the production, which is sparking rumors as to what new character will he be creating.

Needles to say the new Star Wars flick will attract old fans back to theatres while inspiring a whole new generation of Rebels. 

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