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iPad Air 2 Release Date, Specs & Rumors: Leaked Photos Show Slimmer Frame with Touch ID Sensor

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If the massive amount of leaks available online regarding Apple's next-generation devices are to be believed, Apple is gearing up for a series of slimmer and leaner devices while maximizing its Touch ID technology.

The newest word in town comes from Japanese site ASCII Plus, and TechRadar.com reports the comparison between the rumored iPad Air 2 and the existing iPad Air released in late 2013.

This first photo, shows the two gadgets side-by-side facing upwards, providing us a clear comparison from the front. Size-wise there appears to be no difference with a slight color difference, which we can say is probably from the photo itself or because it's a dummy so it lacks the shine-finish.

The iPad Air 2 is the device on the left and shows a touch ID sensor along with a front camera situated to the left of the earpiece. A closer look shows the same fingerprint sensor as the one already installed in the iPhone 5S.

Another photo provided is the back view. The supposed iPad Air 2 doesn't have the top design along with the Apple logo and stamping, but that may just be because it's unnecessary on a dummy.

"There wasn't any information to accompany the shots, but it appears the iPad Air 2 could be slightly thinner than the current 9.7-inch incumbent which currently measures 7.5mm thick," wrote TechRadar. Sites are reporting that the thickness of the iPad Air could be cut down by at least 1 mm making the next gen tablet approximately 6.5mm only.

Lastly, in this picture shared by the site, the public is provided a glimpse of the side panel that clearly shows that the iPad Air 2 is going to be significantly slimmer and will no longer have the slide control located above the volume controls. Here is another look at the side-view of the two tablets.

Again, there is no confirmation that these are authentic. Apple has chosen to let the world continue with its speculations and it hasn't provided any official comment on any one of the expected 2014 devices.

Other expected features of the iPad Air 2 include a 2048x1536 resolution, A8 chip system, iOS 8 technology and the most anticipated of all, the Metal API that allows gaming-quality graphics.

See the complete set of leaks at the Japanese site here.

The iPad Air is expected to be released in October 2014 right about the time the iPhone 6 and iPad Mini 3 will be released.

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