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Nick Kyrgios Wins vs Nadal; 5 Things to Know About the Victorious Teen

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Nick Kyrgios might have lost his recent match against Milos Raonic on Wednesday's quarterfinals—but to the minds of tennis fans across the globe, it's the match the day before that's definitely gonna stick.

A first-timer and a wild-card entry at the Wimbledon, the 19-year-old Australian was surprised where he ended up. "Never did I think a week ago I was going to make the quarterfinals of Wimbledon in my first appearance," he said in a press conference, as reported by CNN

Kyrgios's campaign was halted by Canadian Raonic, No. 8 seed, but the victory over Rafael Nadal was the first time since 1992 that a man outside the Top 100 beat a world No. 1—and, aside that between-the-legs flick, here are five more things that would only make that victory even sweeter. 

[1] He was 144th in the world rankings prior to the Nadal match but he was down at 838th at the start of last year, Yahoo Eurosport reported, and the disparity made his mother think he wouldn't stand a chance against Nadal.

After winning in four sets, Kyrgios said his mother's comment had spurred him on, noted The Guardian. "My mum said in an interview she thought Rafa was too good ... that made me mad and spurred me on," he told the BBC.

[2] He wasn't always slim—the Daily Mail calls the kid Kyrgios a "tubby ball boy." 

He trailed around after his older brother at the tennis court. "He was Christos' ball boy," said mother Norlaila. On top of that, he also suffered asthma. 

"I felt sorry for him always following us around, so I asked him one day if he wanted to try" said the mother. "I gave him a try and, my god, he just whacked it! He really whacked it!"

[3] The newest darling of Australian tennis also played basketball.

"He was a very keen basketballer, a very keen volleyballer," Roy Jacques, his former PE teacher at Daramalan College, told the Guardian. "He had a natural knack for the ball," his brother would agree.

Norlaila said her son excelled in tennis and basketball before he picked tennis. "In the end we decided let's give tennis your 100% time and within a couple of years and if it didn't work out and he was unhappy, take up whatever you want." 

[4] Someone in the family needs to be with the right-handed, attacking baseliner. The Kyrgioses have a schedule on the fridge for that.

When you look at that post, you'll find out who is going to accompany the teen to various international tennis events—father and sister, George and Halimah, are with Kyrgios, right now. CNN reported that until his win over Nadal, he was likely playing an Xbox he flew in from Australia. 

"We really make sure someone's on tour with him, he has enough going on and to focus on when he's on tour without missing his family or feeling homesick," Christos told the Guardian. 

[5] The whole world might be shocked but not those who know him—he had the materials for it.

Jacques said he had the attributes to succeed. "Very driven, very confident," he told The Guardian. "I've watched him play Top 10 players before so I wasn't too surprised to see him win," Christos also said.

And while it's game over at Wimbledon for the young athlete, the promise continues, what with Andy Murray, ranked 5th in the world, heralding him as the "Next big Aussie star." 

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