Updated 02:39 AM EST, Tue, Nov 30, 2021

iPad Air 2 Release Date & Specs Rumors: Why Device is Dubbed a 'Real Game Changer'

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Chalk one up for Apple! Word circulating about the upcoming iPad Air 2 is that the device is going to be revolutionary even with the stiff competition available on the market.

Designtrends described the iPad Air as a "game changer" and will be at par with the iPhone 6 and other devices to be released by Apple in terms of dramatic changes and major feature boosts.

Technology blog techradar.com gives iPad Air 2 a 5-star rating and crowns the device as the "best tablet in the world."

Seeking Alpha rounded up the expected features that the iPad Air 2 which will reportedly include the addition of the Touch ID, and a a lightning-speed A8 processor that will give the tablet a steady performance boost. It also indicates that, "The next iPad Air could also be among the first tablets to offer support for 4K ultra-high definition TV."

Additionally, the site indicated in its write up that the new Metal API could be "the most exciting and influential feature" to debut on the Air 2 as well as the rumored Mini 3.

The Inquisitr notes that this feature will enable the tablet to provide gaming-level graphics. Such a feature could mean Apple will be able to market itself to another consumer demographic in addition to everyday users and professionals.

The Metal technology, as first unveiled during the Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) in early June, is able to bridge console-quality graphics to iOS devices.

Should Apple be able to pair the device to a controller that will enhance game-play experience, it could generate a great following that will set it miles apart from the rest of the competition.

Other specs consumer may be given would be an enhanced camera sporting an 8MP (from a previous 5 MP) capacity with a 9.7-inch LCD with the same 2048 x 1536 resolution the current market-available iPad Air carries.

The second version of the iPad Air is expected to be released within the fourth quarter of this year with its unveiling probably around October, with sales to begin by November. Experts estimate an entry-level iPad Air 2 device to cost about $500.

Apple is expected to launch a full range of mobile and portable devices before the year closes but no confirmation has been given by the popular tech giant.

To see the complete list of Apple iPad tablets, view the Apple site to compare and view the full information on the specs. 

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