Updated 09:44 AM EDT, Thu, Jun 04, 2020

Ronaldo Leaves Final 2014 World Cup Game to Find Intruder in Hotel Room in Brasilia, Brazil

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After his team suffered a crushing elimination from World Cup competition, Portugal striker Cristiano Ronaldo returned to his hotel room in Brasilia, Brazil, only to find a 15-year old intruder inside it.

It seems that Yago Leal, a young Brazilian fan, was able to evade World Cup security and sneak into Ronaldo's room unnoticed.

Leal described his encounter to Globol Esporte saying, "I lay in (Ronaldo's) bed because I knew he'd slept in it, and when he came in, I was there. He was good to me. He said that I had better go, but that he would not call security."

Allegedly Leal and a friend were able to make it to the rooftop of Ronaldo's hotel undetected. Leal then proceeded alone to shimmy down a drainpipe that passed by Ronaldo's balcony.

Once inside Ronaldo's room the 15-year old curiously looked around at Ronaldo's possessions, getting a sneak peak into the superstar's life.

When Rolando returned to the room, Leal was upstairs and snapped a picture of a frantic Ronaldo looking up in shock. Luckily for Leal, Ronaldo did not contact the authorities and instead helped the boy to a corridor, which lead out of the hotel.

Leal told reporters that Ronaldo gave him several autographs and posed for pictures.

Although this story had a harmless, slightly illegal ending, the real issue now falls upon World Cup security, who potentially could have allowed a harmful intruder into the room.

While Leal's case is relatively harmeless, it's important to remember other less harmful issues of intruders, like the Munich Games, where a radical Islamic Group held several Israeli athletes hostage after they broke into the Olympic Village.

This time it was only a 15-year-old fan, but unfortunately, the fact that the kids made it through means the threat is all too real for a more serious situation with Ronaldo.

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