Updated 05:18 PM EDT, Fri, Jun 05, 2020

Neymar Investigated for Naughty "Non-Sponsored" Underwear During the 2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil

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In yet another lesson about the secret rules of FIFA, the South American striker, Neymar, is being investigated by FIFA for wearing "non-sponsored" underwear during the World Cup games in Brazil.

FIFA officials learned about about Neymar's underwear after he took off his jersey to exchange with a Cameroonian player. Neymar's shorts were a bit low, so when he removed the jersey, a thin strip of Brazilian-colored underwear was peeking through. Unfortunately, that little peek was enough to land him on the other side of an underwear investigation.

Although the inquiry seems somewhat bizarre to the average soccer fan, FIFA has had a history of fining players for wearing 'non-sponsored' underwear.

In 2012, Danish player Nicklas Bendtner was fined $125,000 for wearing underwear that had a sports-betting website advertisement on them. Once again, FIFA only found out after Bendtner removed his shirt after the match was over.

For the majority of soccer fans, the World Cup is a showcase into the FIFA organization. Fans are not used to seeing a governing sports body that possesses this much power and intensity. The Suarez biting incident is a fair crime that fans understood, but wearing the wrong underwear seems to be a step too far.

In Bendtner's case he was wearing sponsored underwear from a different organization, so the fine makes some sense.

In Neymar's case, however, the underwear appeared to match his jersey, and no other logos or text were visible. FIFA hasn't ruled yet on what the overall decision will be, but to penalize the home countries superstar would seem to be an immensely unpopular idea.

FIFA takes their sponsorship extremely seriously. Prior to the World Cup, Brazil outlawed alcohol at soccer matches because of the violence and fatalities that have, at points, erupted.

FIFA is sponsored in part by Budweiser, and in order to keep their partner happy, FIFA asked that Brazil change their law to allow alcohol at games.

Perhaps Neymar will take this as a warning to ensure that his entire uniform is up to code, down to those cheeky Brazilian underwear he's sporting, or his rear may be at risk of finding its way onto FIFA's list again.

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