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Brazil vs. Chile, Round of 16 Opening Match at the 2014 World Cup, Schedule, Live Stream, Preview, En Vivo on Univision

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The World Cup's round of 16 kicks off Saturday with Brazil taking on Chile.

The home team is on the upswing, and they are looking forward to taking on the challenging Chilean team.

Chile has been somewhat of surprise in the Cup, taking out the defending champion Spain in a game that ended 2-0.

Chile did falter in a game against the Netherlands with a loss of 2-0, which stopped their offensive onslaught that dominated their Group B competition. Chile has not beaten Brazil in over a decade, but this new and improved Chilean team should not be taken lightly.

Aside from their draw with Mexico, Brazil has looked great in their first three games. The Brazilian squad has scored seven goals, and Neymar has been on point, scoring four goals and assisting on another.

Neymar is a troublesome obstacle for any opposing team. The opposition must always keep a defender on him, which can lead to openings for other players. But no sidekick has stepped up for Brazil, and if they look to go far in the World Cup they will have to have better overall team offense.

Chile should look to the Mexico vs. Brazil game for a blueprint on how to stop the offensive beast.

Neymar had numerous shots on goal in the match that should have gone in. If it wasn't for El Tri's rookie goalkeeper Ochoa, the match would have easily turned into a blowout.

Chile will need to play with the same defensive dominance that Mexico did in order to put a stop to Neymar. When Brazil drives their line into Chilean territory, it is a perfect chance to mount a counter attack.

Brazil is a talented team, so when the opportunity for a goal arises, the opposition will have to pounce on it.

Six months ago, Brazilian manager Luiz Scolari warned reporters about the underestimated Chilean team.

"When I talked about Chile then, people made fun of me," said Scolari. "They said Chile wasn't good enough, but I already knew the work of coach Sampaoli and their players. We already knew how they played."

This observation ensures that the Brazilians will take Chile's threat as a strong opponent seriously. 

Brazil and Chile kickoff their match in Belo Horizonte at 9 a.m. (PT) on ABC. The game can also be streamed online at ESPN.

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