Updated 08:30 AM EDT, Thu, Jun 04, 2020

Mick Jagger Blamed For World Cup Losses; 'Pé Frio,' Says Brazil

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Fans of team Brazil in the World Cup has turned to English musician and singer Mick Jagger as the person to blame for the recent loss of some teams in the football tournament.

The Brazillians and asked Jagger not to support the home team as this may signal their defeat. 

"Pe Frio," a name for a person who causes bad luck, was the tag given by the Brazilians to Jagger who, according to International Business Times, is believed to be the "kiss of death" for the World Cup teams.

In a report, the Associated Press (AP) said that fans of the World Cup strongly believe that everytime that 70-year-old singer expresses his support for a team, that team ends up on the losing end. It noted that it was not only Italy's loss on Tuesday but also the loss of other teams in previous days and years.

In the AP report, Jagger said that Italy would beat Uruguay but the former was defeated on Tuesday's elimination. He also told fans in Lisvon that the Portugal team would go straight to the finals but now the team is facing elimination in their next game if they lose. And lastly, Jagger also expressed support for England who lost to Uruguay.

In a similar experience during the 2010 World Cup in Africa, Brazilian fans speculated that their team lost to Netherlands in the quarterfinals because Jagger sported a Brazilian jersey during the game. AP added that the singer was reportedly seen joining former U.S. president Bill Clinton in cheering for the U.S. team. USA lost to Ghana in the second round of the World Cup then.

Now, Brazilians are urging Jagger to support and pick Argentina instead so that the strongest rival of Brazil will lose.

But according to The Guardian, while Brazilians laugh or hate Jagger as a supporter of the World Cup, the fans love his music. 

An estimated one million screaming fans and spectators, three to four times the crowd that watches the World Cup matches on a large screen today, filled the Copacabana beach during The Stones' 2006 concert in Rio de Janeiro, AP reported.

The same report noted that Jagger, despite being hated by the Brazilians, still love the country and its people since he previously had a relationship with former Brazilian model Luciana Gimenez with whom he has a child.

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