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NBA Trade Rumors 2014: Bulls Eyeing Carmelo Anthony

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While Carmelo Anthony may still be deciding on whether he will stay with the New York Knicks or go to another team, reports are already saying that the 30-year-old player will "most likely" land with the Chicago Bulls. 

Despite meetings with Knicks president Phil Jackson, Anthony will reportedly still opt out of the team and choose a potential NBA Finals champion team. 

Sources of The Knicks Blog said that the Bulls is the most possible team for Anthony unless the Houston Rockets can come up with a better deal.

"Assuming he follows through with his plan to opt-out by Monday's deadline, Anthony could either sign with the Bulls for less money than he is due to make with the Knicks ($129 million over five years) or be moved to Chicago in a sign-and-trade deal," said one source of The Knicks Blog.

The source added that Anthony knows that the Knicks is not good enough in their current state. It's been widely reported that Anthony wants an NBA champonship already. "He will move if he feels that team can win," the source said.

If Anthony will choose the Bulls, he will have a good shot at getting into the finals with Derrick Rose and Joakim Noah on the same team, Fansided reported. 

The same report added that Anthony has to decide what team will give him the best opportunity to win but noted that with the Knicks, that goal is still a pipe dream.

Anthony, according to a Yahoo Sports report, is determined to explore free agency and reexamine his opportunities with the Bulls and Rockets.

League sources told Yahoo Sports that the player's current team can offer him the "most money and security" but noted that Anthony is curious of his chances with the two possible teams vying for him.

Fansided noted that the Bulls can end up with Anthony if they will trade Carlos Boozer to the Knicks. ESPN also mentioned this possibility in a report saying that the Knicks should definitely agree to a sign-and-trade agreement.

"And that's one of the biggest issues facing New York right now. The Knicks have to decide whether they are willing to execute a sign-and-trade to send Anthony to another team," the report added. 

The report also noted that this move is crucial for Anthony's options on the open market as the Houston Rockets are also expressing intention to do the same. 

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