Updated 05:58 AM EDT, Thu, Jun 04, 2020

iWatch Release Date, Specs & Features: Kobe Bryant Testing Apple Smartwatch?

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Rumors of an iWatch release are gaining ground as insiders reveal that Apply may be enlisting the help of NBA superstar Kobe Bryant along with other top athletes to test its new iWatch technology.

Recent reports have indicated that a first generation iWatch will be released sometime this fall, October to be exact.

Tech site 9to5mac.com writes, "Apple has teamed up with some of the sports world's most notable professional athletes in order to test the upcoming "iWatch's" fitness capabilities in intense training environments, according to a source with knowledge of the testing."

The site also claims that the source has shared that various professional players from different leagues, namely the NHL, NBA and MLB have been tapped to test the wearable device in rigorous training exercises and conditions.

Aside from Bryant, one other identified pro-athlete is Dustin Brown of the Los Angeles Kings as well as a notable player of the Boston Red Sox.

Last year, Apple hired Jay Blahnik, a former Nike fitness consultant to work on the said smart watch project and if reports are true, the Apple tech site believes that the athletes are working in partnership with Blahnik and his team. Additionally, Apple has been building its medical-mobile technology team and is also believed to be looking for FDA approach for wearable hardware.

Bryant, Brown and Apple have not given any confirmation on the rumors as the site goes on to explain that there is a non-disclosure agreement regarding the partnership and testing of the iWatch.

Cnet reported earlier that the veteran baller was spotted in Apple's Cupertino campus where he was said to have had a meeting with Jony Ive, Apple's design chief.

It was speculated during the time of the meeting that Apple may have been tapping the baller to endorse Apple's new ventures, including its supposed new wearable technology.

Reports on the supposed iWatch that will be launched this year sports an OLED touch screen and is expected to run on the new iOS 8 system developed by Apple. It is said to be linked to its new Health app and will focus on tracking of users' health and medical data using 10 plus sensors that will be able to monitor blood glucose, oxygen and more. 

The iWatch is expected to be able to connect to Apple devices, specifically the iPhone 6, which is highly anticipated to be launched about the same time as the iWatch.

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