Updated 07:11 AM EST, Sun, Nov 29, 2020

2014 World Cup Hopes Dashed for Elite Teams from England and Spain, but What Went Wrong?

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It seems that the 'Soccer Gods' have turned a blind eye on England and Spain, as both teams -- once favored to go far into the competition, are now eliminated after shockingly poor first round games.

Millions of fans for the elite soccer nations shocked -- and perhaps angered -- to find their World Cup dreams dashed after a pathetic showing by Spain and England.

Spain was slated to be a World Cup contender after their 2010 Cup winning performance, with an extremely strong lineup and three big wins in recent competitions. Players like Andres Iniesta, midfielder, and Gerard Pique, defender, had critics and fans alike betting on the team.

A poor showing led to a meltdown against the Netherlands in the first game of the competition, but hope remained that Spain would recover. Ultimately, Spain fell victim to the offensive surge of Chile and were shut out of advancing in the World Cup games.

Thing were equally brutal for English fans, who are embarrassed that their World Cup has ended so soon. The first game was a loss of 2-1 to Italy, where they played pretty well and looked to have a more exciting brand of attacking football, but ultimately they struggled against the strong defense and lost their footing.

In the game against Uruguay, Rooney scored his first World Cup goal, and the tide looked to be shifting in England's favor. Unfortunately, the brilliant play of Luis Suarez dominated England's attack, with Uruguay scoring the game-winning goal only 10 minutes later.    

Fans and critics are pointing fingers at Three Lions manager Roy Hodgson for relying on an older group of players rather than implementing the young talents of rising starts.

Spain was also guilty of this, keeping their previous World Cup-winning team largely intact, while choosing to add new talent to the mix.

In another move that proved fatal, Hodgson also decided to go with a 4-2-3-1 formation instead of the aggressive 4-3-3.

Judging by the scoreboards of English matches, 2-1 and 2-1, Three Lions likely would have profited off of a more offensive minded style of play.

England's aging star, Wayne Rooney, missed on multiple opportunities that could have changed the fate of his nations team -- and possibly saved Hodgson's job.

England hasn't won a Cup since 1966, so the inflated pride and predictions that follow the squad around were most likely unwarranted.

Spain, on the other hand, is the true shock of the 2014 World Cup. The coronation of their new King was even overshadowed by Spain's untimely exit from the competition.

After dominating the European qualifiers, the Spanish team was able to score one goal in two games. Their failed attempt at any offense was ultimately a trait that was shared with England and led to their downfall.

The Spanish debacle marks the end of the 'Golden Age' of Spanish soccer. Spain may look to regroup and pull younger talent. Hopefully they will have things together by the 2018 World Cup, as ultimately, the fans will accept nothing less.  

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