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'Once Upon a Time' Season 4: 'Frozen' News & Rumor Roundup

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For its fourth season, American fairytale drama series "Once Upon a Time" is planning to introduce characters from the hit animated musical film, "Frozen."

The appearance of "Frozen" stars in the TV series was hinted with the ending of Season 3 where Hook and Emma accidentally brought an urn from Rumplestiltskin's dungeon during their Echanted Forest adventure. The urn's contents formed into the snow princess Elsa of "Frozen."

As previously reported by TVLine, it will not just be Queen Elsa who will be appearing in the new season of the TV series but also other "Frozen" characters like Anna and Kristoff. According to the same report, ice queen Elsa will appear in nine episodes in Season 4 of OUAT while the two other characters are reportedly appearing in a fewer number of episodes.

On his Twitter account, Once Upon a Time co-creator Adam Horowitz posted a scene signage with "Frozen" character Anna's name. The photo post came with the caption "Casting for #OnceUponATime Season 4! Hard at work! Hope to see ya this fall!" 

Horowitz's tweet was enough to send "Frozen" fans into overdrive - guessing who would be cast as Princess Anna. Rumors as to which star will get the Queen Elsa role also abound - with names like Blake Lively, Laura Vandervoort, Maggie Grace and Elizabeth Mitchell heading the speculations.

And just recently, ABC News interviewed Anna Faith Carlson, a teenager from Florida who might not hail from Hollywood but bears great resemblance to the snow queen.


"I went to go to the movie with my sister and that's when it all started happening. I watched the movie, I said, 'I really like this,'" the Elsa look-alike explained. Carlson gained wide popularity on the Internet when she posed beside an Elsa cut out and posted the photo on social media.

She also started an online campaign for her to be taken in as part of the "Once Upon a Time" cast. She asked her 35,000 followers on Instagram to help her campaign for the role of Elsa.

"I know this is kinda a lot to ask, but it would mean the world to me. Can you take a picture of my page dressed as Elsa, post it and hashtag the worlds #AnnaAsElsa? I'm hoping to audition as Elsa on Once Upon A Time! You can do it on Instagram and/ or Twitter :) THANK YOU SO MUCH!!" Carlson posted on Instagram.

What do you think? Will we be seeing Anna Faith as Elsa on OUAT soon?

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