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Steam Summer Sale 2014 Dates & Games List: Tips to Get the Cheapest Titles

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Steam's annual and massive summer sale kicks off today and will run all the way through June 30. For two weeks, gamers have a chance to purchase games for a few dollars only.

In order to make the most out of this sale opportunity, we've compiled some tips that will guarantee you the most bang for your buck during this markdown season:

Head for the Deals first - According to PC Mag, the Flash Sales list refreshes every eight hours and four games are put forth with massive discounts. Keep an eye out for this because it changes quickly and offers the largest price deductions. The next would be to check Daily Deals that refreshes daily at 1:00 p.m. ET and features nine games but doesn't offer as big a discount as Flash Sales. Lastly, check out the Community Choice sales. These are voted on by Steam users and will also rotate every eight hours.

Make use of the wish list - If there are certain games that you want but haven't been included in the Flash Sales or Daily Deals, simply put them on your wish list and keep an eye out. You'd be surprised at how much you can save if you put in a little patience.

Sell Your Trading Cards - Trading cards are given from purchase and playing of games. During the sales, users and PC Mag reports that the sale is the perfect time to sell the cards you've accumulated to be able to get more games.

Don't Panic - In case you miss your favorite game in a deal, there's still a chance. Usually the last day is an Encore Sale and they may bring back the popular sales giving you another opportunity.

Look at system requirements - There may be high-powered hardware requirements and your system may not be compatible. Avoid that hassle by checking before buying.

Look at other sites - PC World recommends using the Game Deals board on Reddit (/r/gamedeals). Because the "community there tracks not just the Steam Sale, but all deals. If Steam isn't offering the best price, someone in the comments will know as much and will alert you."

Lastly, while it's tempting since basically all the games are at 50% off, don't buy games that you know you won't play. That's still money spent that's basically preventable if you think before you click!

Do you have additional tips that can be useful during the annual sale? Share your thoughts below!

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