Updated 06:29 AM EDT, Sat, Apr 10, 2021

'Watch Dogs 2' Release Date, Gameplay & Trailer: Aiden Pearce May Not Star in Sequel

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"Watch Dog" is a new player in the gaming field but even after just a month into the release of the game, Ubisoft has seen the potential in expanding the franchise. Unfortunately, someone who might not have a future in the game's growth is main character Aiden Pearce.

This action adventure features Aiden Pearce which GameHeadlines.com described as "an exceptionally skilled grey hat hacker with the ability to hack into any device in the city at any given time. Aiden is able to take a hold of the entire city's infrastructure and can either obtain/control information or destroy such devices at a set time."

Ubisoft, the company behind "Watch Dogs" who has gained massive sales from the game is already looking at a sequel. GameRant.com  notes that according to Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemot, the second version of the game may have the recurring appearance of Pearce or it might introduce an entirely different character.

Guillemot didn't confirm if the baseball cap wearing hero will really be out of the game. He said, "I can't say because I don't know actually. We'll see."

Despite the record-breaking sales revenue of the game, much has been said about Pearce's character.

Guillemot acknowledges the reviews of the protagonist and responds to comments on its generic character, "[he] knew it would be polarizing; some people loved the characters and some didn't. It was difficult to please everybody with that character," quotes Game-Debate.com of the Ubisoft official.

Ubisoft is currently working on the diversification of its characters and is emphasizing this by innovating its characters, like it has been in the past.

This is the perfect opportunity for the rising company to put its name on the map and adjust based on early reactions to its game and product development.

Ubisoft has been under considerable fire after its failure to diversify and include a female lead character in its other upcoming game, "Assassin's Creed: Unity"

With "Watch Dogs" being so new, it's going to be a bit longer before more information on the sequel arrives but for the mean time, to know more about Ubisoft and the character of Aiden Pearce, you may direct your attention to the character profile crafted by IGN

What're you thoughts on the possible replacement of Aiden Pearce?

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