Updated 06:48 AM EDT, Thu, Jun 04, 2020

Los Angeles Mayor Drops 'F-Bomb' at Kings Parade, Twitter Deems It "Hilarious"

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The Mayor of Los Angeles Eric Garcetti, most often known for his soft-spoken, professional demeanor, has caused a lot of Twitter chatter with his use of a little four-letter word. It just happened that he dropped it at a pretty big event.

The crowd of 19,000 celebratory LA Kings fans were shocked -- and somewhat stoked -- when an ecstatic Garcetti, speaking about the LA Kings Stanley Cup win, proclaimed that it was "a big f***ing day" for the LA Kings.    

Garcetti's emphatic profanity took place out in front of the Los Angeles Staples Center where the Kings victory parade was set to end after their route down Figueroa and 5th. The parade, which featured a large double-decker bus filled with LA Kings players. The parade pulled into the Staples Center just as Garcetti took to the microphone to deliver his enthusiastic celebration speech.

"There are two rules in politics," Garcetti told the riled up crowd. "They say never ever be pictured with a drink in your hand. And never ever swear. But this is a big f---ing day. Way to go, guys."

The sports world may be used to profanity usage by players, but rarely, if ever, has a politician been added into the mix.

During the NBA Playoffs choice words would slip, and could at points be faintly be heard on television sets, but the public has come to expect the player slip-ups.

When Boston Red Sox player David Ortiz took to the microphone after the Boston Marathon Bombing and said, "This is our f***ing city," the FCC Commissioner made a statement on social media that it was no big deal, as Ortiz was speaking from his heart.

The 'Twittersphere' and court of public opinion dictating the fate of Garcetti's slip up have been equally as kind, with some calling it "hilarious." But as with any controversial topic, others are conveying their displeasure that it came from the Mayor of Los Angeles.

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