Updated 09:25 AM EDT, Sat, Oct 21, 2017
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Manny Pacquiao Next Fight Possibly Chris Algieri; Boxer Ready for Pacman Match 2014

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After his recent WBO junior welterweight title win against Ruslan Provodnikov, is Chris Algieri ready to challenge Pacquiao for the WBO welterweight belt?

The 30-year-old victor earned the respect of his fellow fighters during his recent performance on the ring. Algieri took it as a sign that he is ready to take on Pacquiao for his upcoming fight. Top Rank promoter Bob Arum earlier announced that whoever wins the fight between Algieri and Provodnikov could possible fight Pacquiao on November 22 in Macau.

An online report by The Ring mentioned that Provodnikov's chief cornerman, Freddie Roach, acknowledged Algieri for a "ballsy fight" but noted that his fighter should have won the match.

Algieri and his promoters expressed their intention to go against the Filipino boxer.

"I would have no problem getting Pacquiao ready to beat him," Algieri told The Ring in an interview.

The American fighter added that he wants to challenge boxing's greatest fighters like Pacquiao. "I think that they maybe won't think that I stand a chance so much but apparently, I'm good in those fights. I would like that fight," he added.

"Making 140 was not a problem. That didn't hinder me. I can make the weight. I'm 30 years old and I'm not going to outgrow the weight class," he said in an interview.

But sports analysts and commentators are still not sure about Algieri facing Pacquiao.

"Algieri needs to learn quick that Pac is not Ruslan. It's clear that Algieri wants the quick payout so he can get back to being a nutritionist at some mom and pops clinic," the Epoch Times quoted one commentator.

Another said that it would be a "terribad fight."

Without dismissing the idea of Algieri facing Pacquiao, Roach however suggested that Algieri should have a rematch with Provodnikov first and if he wins, then he might deserve a much bigger fight.

The Bad Left Hook reiterated that Juan Manuel Marquez is still on the list of the possible opponents of Pacquiao. Marquez's camp, however, are not considering a fifth rematch, saying that Marquez has already proven himself when he knocked out Pacquiao during their fight in 2012.


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