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MLB 2014 Results, Recap & Scores: Mets vs Giants

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It's a 6-4 standing in the National League of baseball with the San Francisco Giants gaining the 2-win advantage against the New York Mets.

Sunday's game at the AT&T Park in San Francisco was the fifth consecutive for the Giants with outfielder Gregor Blanco delivering a great performance during the game, ESPN reported.

The GIants have won 14 out of the 17 games they've played in the season.

Pitcher Tim Lincecum told ESPN that the team will "ride it out, ride the wave."

Blanco gave fellow players the credit for perform well during the runs that helped the team in securing the win.

ESPN quoted Giants coach Bruce Douglas Bochy as saying "the club is getting contributions from everybody." 

The Mets, on the other hand, said they have discussed during a brief meeting that they will not be affected by the "negativity" brought by the consecutives losses.

Manager Terry Collins told the New York Times that he thinks the media is more frustrated than he is.

"I'm pretty aware of what's going on. I've got a pretty good feel of what the heartbeat is in the clubhouse. As I said before, we're right now in the middle of trying to develop some guys and yet win at the same time. And we're asking some guys to be put in situations that are certainly asking a lot of them," he added.

The team manager also admitted that the Mets were "forced" to adjust their hitting approach facing great pitchers from the Giants.

The New York Times said the players tried to stay patient and look for a pitch to drive. Pitcher Matt Cain attacked the hitters and went ahead in counts which eventually led them to expand the zone.

But their efforts were still no match to the Giants who were really out to play the game and outscore their opponents.

ESPN noted that the Giants overcame their shortfall against the Mets who committed many errors in the games.

Blanco expressed his confidence in the team telling ESPN that everytime they see themselves losing a game, they step up their games."For some reason, we get mad and things start happening."

The two teams are set to face again on August 2, this time at the Mets home court in Citi Field, Flushing, New York where the team is hoping to gain an advantage against the Giants.

They will be playing there for four consecutive games which can maintain the Giants' winning streak or turn the season completely around.

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