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NHL Finals 2014 Standings, Recap & Live Stream: Why is Game 3 a Must-Win for the Rangers?

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With the Game 3 of the Stanley Cup finals set on Monday night at Madison Square Garden, the New York Rangers is about to face a match that will determine if they wil remain winless for the duration of the series.

Rangers coach Alain Vigneault said that his team cannot afford to lose the third match against the Los Angeles Kings who has the first two games.

ESPN quoted the coach as saying that Game 3 is a "close must-win" for the team which he said will have to work harder as a team to achieve their goal of winning against the Kings.

"We're given ourselves a real good chance, and that's what we're gonna try to do tomorrow," he told ESPN.

In the whole history of NHL, only one of the 26 teams has risen over a 3-0 standing to grab the championship, it was the Toronto Maple Leafs who went against the Detroit Red Wings in 1942.

Rangers center Derik Brassard earlier told ESPN that the whole team is excited for the coming match. "It's a pretty tight series. We're just gonna go out there tomorrow and play the way we've been playing," he added.

Despite the Rangers' consecutive loss, Vigneault said that he is happy with the way his team plays, adding that he only wished that some controversial calls favored them.

Madison Square Garden will once again host the Stanley Cup finals game after 20 years when the Rangers beat the Vancouver Canucks in June 14, 1994.

Vigneault told the sports media that the team's fans are excited as the players. He also noted that the challenge will help them step up their game and strategy.

Third-line winger Mats Zuccarello claimed that the players will do their best as a group to win the upcoming match.

The Rangers are indeed not losing hope on this series despite the "disappointment" they felt especially with the last game against the Kings.

Defenseman Dan Girardi told NHL that it was unfortunate for them to lose the first two games but that they will try to maintain how they played during the series.

NHL also reported that the Rangers should set aside their frustration and focus on the game and on defeating the Kings.

Goalie Henrik Lundqvist agrees with this telling NHL that the team should stay positive and believe in what they can do together as players. "You don't have a choice, you have to move on," he noted.

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