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'Star-Crossed' Season 1 Episode 10 Spoilers: A Hurricane Hits and Relationships Fall Apart [Video]

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It was an eventful week at "Star-Crossed."

Roman discovers what happened the night the Atrian ship crashed. Castor tells Roman that he did shoot the pilot, but it was to avoid a mutiny. Roman's father told both pilots to not land on Earth because people already lived there, but they did not listen to him. Emery, however, isn't as convinced by the story.

Grayson can't remember the night when Zoe disappeared during his parents' charity ball. And he remains suspicious of what others tell him happened.

Taylor, who hasn't heard from Zoe, agrees to help look for her, but only until her big party.

Drake and Taylor have a little bit of drama.

Drake doesn't want to go to her party, which upsets her. He eventually shows up, but it's one of those too little too late cases, as she's upset with him. She feels he is shutting her out, but he eventually admits that having his mom back in his life has not been easy for him.

Grayson starts remembering pieces of what happened the night Zoe disappeared, and he confronts Drake, saying that he knows he killed her. He could remember seeing his hands around her neck.

In next week's episode of "Star-Crossed," which is titled "What Storm is This That Blows So," there will be a hurricane. This will trap everyone inside school.

Roman is paranoid and angry after being drugged by Teri. And he ends up being mean to Emery, which changes the nature of their relationship, according to Screen Fad.

Taylor talks Drake into going public as a couple, but Grayson overhears and blackmails Drake into breaking up with her.

And Julia asks Emery for help because Eva is threatening her.

"Star-Crossed" airs Mondays at 8 p.m. EDT on the CW.

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