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'De Que Te Quiero, Te Quiero' Spoilers: Diana Is Ready for Divorce, Alonso Spies on Irene & El Chato Returns

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In the last episode of "De Que Te Quiero, Te Quiero," Diego tells Alonso and Alberto that he has already lost Natalia because Diana is pregnant. Here's what will go on next week and part of next week:

Episode 29: Eleazar begins to try to control Carmen, but she quickly stops him, saying that just because he's been a dad to Lupita for one day, doesn't give him any control. Diego discovers the truth from Oliverio and he begs Diana to confess the entire truth. He's upset about the whole situation, and he visits Rodrigo and through tears, he tells him that he wishes at times like these that he had a better reputation, so that setbacks didn't affect him.

Episode 30: Diego talks with Irene over what happened with Rodrigo at the hospital. For the first time, he felt his brother heard him and sympathized with him. Diego goes home and finds Diana calmly at the dining room table. He tells her to leave, and has her things packed for her. Diana doesn't just expect to let this happen, so with Vicente at her side, she tells Diego that he is being unjust. Alonso decides to talk to Irene to tell her that he cannot continue being her psychologist, and she agrees because she wants to maintain their friendship. Andres is still looking for Natalie in Caprico. When he finds her, he asks if she's still with Diego.

Episode 31: Natalie wishes to talk to Diego, but he does not want that. She tells him that it is strictly professional. Diana assures Diego that she does want a divorce. Of course, she'll want a big check out of it. And he cannot believe her attitude toward the whole situation. Tadeo goes to the doctor to discover why he is so shaky, and he finds out that he has a tumor in his brain. El Chato returns, and with the help of Andres goes to school to meet Lupita.

Episode 32: Carmen shows up to Eleazar's office, and she finds his new girlfriend, who wants to know why Carmen is there. Carmen says that it's none of her business, but the girlfriend says that whatever concerns him also concerns her. Irene and Tadeo get together for dinner, and he promises to never let her down again. When plates crash to the floor, she finds that Alonso has been spying on them. El Chato reappears in the Garcia family's life, and he brings Lupita an enormous bear. He tells her that he's her father, which makes the little girl emotional.

Episode 33: Diego and Natalie return to the city, and on the way, there's a tree trunk that blocks their way. Diana comes across Oliverio, who asks if she's really pregnant. She's taken aback by the question but answers yes. Carmen goes to look for Eleazar at his job to talk about the kiss they shared, and she wants to tell him how she feels about him. But she can overhear him talking to his girlfriend.

Episode 34: Alberto confronts Diana's lawyer, and assures him that there is proof of his client's infidelity. The lawyer says that they too have proof that he is an adulterer. Natalie confesses to Carmen that she loves Diego. El Chato tells Luz that Carmen is truly the love of his life. Carmen overhears and believes he is being honest. The Caseres family is told by Rodrigo's doctor that the time has come to decide whether or not to take him off life support.

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