Updated 05:35 AM EST, Wed, Jan 27, 2021

Wii U Rumor: New Wii U Bundle Available With Mario Kart 8 Release?

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The new Mario Kart release will put a fresh twist on the beloved classic, and there may also be a new deal that goes along with it, too. 

According to Game Blog, a new Wii U Bundle may be available with the Mario Kart release. The bundle will reportedly be a 32GB black Wii U that comes with a copy of Mario Kart 8. There will also be a seven-day trial for Wii Karaoke U.

The rumor is only about the European market so far, but it would make sense to also bring this product to the United States.

Nintendo Life reached out to Nintendo about the rumors, and the company only said it has "nothing to announce at this time." While we're not closer to a real answer, we were also not outright told no. So that means there's still a glimmer of hope.

There was no price attached to it, but a Wii U Deluxe is $300, which seems like a steal for a console and a new game.

Game Blog's source also added a picture of what the bundle will look like. The picture shows that the system is black, and it shows Mario racing on the track. Part of the anti-gravity track can also be seen on the box.

Mario Kart 8 will be released sometime in May, so if the bundle real, then it's only a matter of time until Nintendo announces the news.

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