Updated 08:25 AM EST, Mon, Jan 25, 2021

2014 FIFA World Cup: The 8 Worst Team Jerseys

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(Photo:Burrda) While some teams will be the best dressed, such as the United States, South Korea and Germany, some will, unfortunately, be the worst dressed at the FIFA World Cup. Here are the 8 teams with the worst jerseys:

(Photo:Puma) Cameroon:
There's a lot of personality to this jersey, but there's just a little bit too much going on. The patches, which are obviously an important part of the jersey, really kind of hurt the cool design that otherwise exists. Without them, it wouldn't be a traditional jersey, of course, but it would make for a pretty cool shirt.

(Photo:Nike) Croatia:
The checkerboard pattern is a bit too loud, and as an accent to the blue shirt and shorts, it just feels a little bit cheesy.


Bright is great when it comes to jerseys, but this is just not a flattering color. We can't imagine that this will look good on anyone.

(Photo:lotto) Costa Rica:
This jersey just draws your attention awkwardly.

(Photo:Adidas) Russia:
Russia likes its flashy jerseys, and while this one is toned down, the detailing on half of the jersey is not great.

(Photo:Adidas) Nigeria:
The design of this jersey is fine, but there's something about that green color that just is not appealing.

(Photo:Puma) Italy:
The away jerseys give us a baseball feel, and we could definitely do without seeing that in this soccer tournament.

(Photo:Burrda) Belgium:
There's a royal theme going on with these jerseys, and though they stand a chance at winning, it feels a little too celebratory.

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