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'Lo Que La Vida Me Robó' Spoilers: President Ezequiel, Montserrat Gets Closer to José Luis & a New Romance for Dimitrio

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Episodes 112 to 117 gave Alejandro another enemy, and just brought more heartache for Montserrat. (Catch up here.) Here's what will happen in episodes 118 to 122:

Episode 118: Ezequiel becomes president of Aguazul. When José Luis is freed, his good friend Esmeralda meets him and tells him she'll take him wherever he'd like. He immediately wants to see Montserrat. Graciela goes to visit Fabiola and she threatens her because she knows the origins of Guillen. Montserrat asks Rosario for an explanation because she wants to know if it's true that Alejandro sent José Luis for her.

Episode 119: Carlota goes to Montserrat's house to give her news that Graciela finally sold her the house where she'd always lived. Graciela again meets with José Luis and doesn't waste time in making plans with him. Fabiola interrogates Amelia, so that she tells her who her parents were.

Episode 120: Esmeralda has an opportunity to talk to Montserrat about José Luis, and she confesses that he has done the impossible so that everything is fine for her. Montserrat holds the cell phone where Alejandro left her the message before he tried to escape, and for the first time, she learns the truth about José Luis.

Episode 121: After Montserrat learns the truth, she feels terrible for having treated José Luis poorly. She decides to look for him to ask for forgiveness for everything she blamed him. Victor doesn't know what else to do to save his best friend's life. He's about to run out of money and Alejandro is still not better, even after years of care.

Episode 122: Rosario continues to insist that Alejandro is still alive, and she asks Montserrat not to go to dinner with José Luis because he's only trying to win her over. Dimitrio and Mónica have dinner together, and they passionately kiss, beginning their romance.

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