Updated 11:32 AM EST, Mon, Jan 18, 2021

Did Angelique Boyer Cheat on José Alberto Castro? Instagram Picture Suggests Just That

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There's a reason Angelique Boyer and José Alberto Castro broke up, though it may not be very clear to us yet.
Castro seemingly provided her biggest hint yet about the breakup recently when he posted a picture on his Instagram account of horns with the caption: "The same history repeats itself."

The phrase "to put horns on someone" is associated with cheating, and followers easily picked up on that message. Castro didn't make any further comments about the picture. Instead, he deleted the picture entirely, reported TV Notas.

When the two announced that they had broken up, they also said that they would not be discussing their relationship of three years. Boyer has held up her part, only talking about the way she is feeling post-breakup. And even then, she provided the public with very little information.

Most recently, Boyer was reportedly spotted with her "Lo Que La Vida Me Robo" co-star, Sebastian Rulli, taking a romantic ride on his motorcycle. He has been cited as one of the biggest reasons for the breaking up of Boyer and Castro.

Both sides have vehemently denied it.

Rulli has stated that the two are just friends and that their passionate kisses are only limited to the screen. Boyer has said that the only people who know what happened are her and Castro, and that it will stay that way.

As for the latest rumors, Rulli and Boyer have yet to address whether or not they were the ones on the motorcycle. But we can imagine it'll only be a matter of time until we get some clarity on the subject.

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