Updated 04:44 AM EST, Wed, Jan 27, 2021

WWE 2K15 Rumors: WWE Network, Characters Will Be More Realistic & Fight Everywhere

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A YouTube personality, HipHopGamer, recently shared some information about the upcoming WWE 2K15 game.

Though there have been no official announcements, HipHopGamer swears his sources are legitimate, according to Gaming Root.

The WWE network, which is supposed to be based off NBA 2K's NBA Today, is supposed to update in real-time. So statistics and ratings will be accurate for each character. There's also a rumor that signature moves will be updated throughout.

One of the coolest rumors is that the characters might really match their real-life counterparts. For example, if a character gets a haircut, then his character will also have a haircut.

Interrupting character introductions may also be possible, and introductions will not always be the same.

Buildings are supposed to be connected, so there won't be load screens between scenes. Instead you can walk backstage, into the rings and into locker rooms without any interruption. The characters are supposedly able to continue fighting from one area to the next.

Previous rumors included that there would be CGI graphics, which will allow people to see blood and sweat very clearly.

Justin Roberts has done voice recording for the game. "Back in the studio recording voiceovers for a WWE video game! Going off-script. Frequently," he said, according to The Examiner.

He posted a video of himself announcing The Undertaker and saying "From West Newbury, Massachusetts" for John Cena, which makes it apparent that those characters will be available in the game.

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