Updated 04:04 PM EDT, Sun, Apr 18, 2021

Cristian Castro's Possible Daughter Is Born, He'll Be Taking Paternity Test

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Cristian Castro may have become a father for the third time this past weekend.

Castro's ex-girlfriend Paola Erazo gave birth to a baby girl who she named Rafaela Castro, and Erazo insists that she is Castro's daughter. The singer was not present at the birth of Rafaela, but Erazo was surrounded by her close friends and family, reported TV Y Novelas.

When she first said she was pregnant, Castro said he was happy to become a father once again, but he later changed his mind and said that he would not take responsibility for the baby until he took a paternity test.

He began to doubt whether he could be the father because she became pregnant around the same time that they were breaking up.

Though Castro is very adamant about wanting proof of paternity, his mother, Veronica Castro, is said to be very excited about the birth of her third grandchild. Sources even go on to say that she helped Erazo pick out the color of the baby's room as well as other details.

So far, neither Cristian nor his mother have spoken out about the birth of the child.

There were previously rumors that Castro would marry Erazo, but journalist Ana Laura Román explained that this was simply not true.

"Cristian Castro and Paola have not been together for quite some time, which is why it's erroneous to say that they will even get married," she said on Twitter.

She then added that he would be a father to the child, so long as it is his child.

"Cristian has informed me that if the girl is his that he will take responsibility, but first, he will take a DNA test," she added.

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