Updated 07:10 AM EST, Mon, Jan 25, 2021

'Nuestra Belleza Latina' Recap: Jencarlos Performs and the Beauties Pose at a Cemetery

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Jencarlos Canela teased his "Nuestra Belleza Latina" surprise a few days before Sunday's episode, but he didn't make audiences much longer.

The singer opened the show by performing his songs "Amor Quédate" and "I Love It."

Then, things got a little bit creepy.

The contestants had to pose in a cemetery with coffins. The beauties went for vaguely vampire inspired clothing and dark lipstick. Rats and worms didn't shake up some of the ladies, who kept their cool as they posed. Aly and Josephine were some of the most well received contestants. Nabila really struggled to complete the task.

Host Alejandra Espinoza showed off just why she was able to win the competition before. She decided to take on the challenge as well, and she made it through with a smile on her face.

Osmel was particularly hard on Prissila, which prompted Jencarlos Canela to get off the judges' table and hug her on stage.

Aleyda, who was one of the beauties with the least amount of votes, opened up to the audience. She explained how she had previously struggled with her weight until she was 22 and how hard it was to get to where she was.

Maria Elena only received 3 percent of the vote, so she was at risk of going home, and so was Prissila. The two faced the judges, and one was told she had so much potential. The other had to go home, and this week it was Prissila's turn to say goodbye.

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