Updated 11:49 AM EST, Mon, Jan 18, 2021

Andrew Garfield Would Love to Be 'Naked All the Time'

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If it were up to Andrew Garfield, he would be in his birthday suit all the time.

The "Spider-Man" actor spoke to the Daily Star and explained his love of nude beaches.

"I love hanging out on nude beaches, yes, because I just love being naked," he said. "I'd be naked all the time if I could be. It's important to be in touch with our bodies and not to have shame about what we are made of."

This must make wearing a form-fitting Spandex suit easier for the actor. He said the suit makes him "pretty much naked."

"Being in spandex for the film is tricky, it does not suit the British," he said. "You are pretty much naked so you have to trust what you have is enough ... I have that great British reserve where I don't like attention."

The actor has been very open the past few weeks while promoting his latest movie. He, Jamie Foxx and Emma Stone played "Never Have I Ever" on The Ellen DeGeneres show. He admitted to having had a one-night stand and to sexting.

But there are certainly some things that are off limits for the actor.

When a reporter separately asked him and Emma Stone what kind of animal they would be, they both answered bird. The reporter told Garfield that his girlfriend gave the same answer, which only upset him.

"Who's my girlfriend?" he said. "You're making an assumption about my personal life, and my personal life is not public property."

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