Updated 05:16 PM EDT, Sun, Apr 18, 2021

Giovanni Medina Can't Say If Ninel Conde's Ex Juan Zepeda Is Responsible for Recording

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A lot has been said about both Giovanni Medina and Ninel Conde, which has prompted Medina to speak out about what he says is the truth.

"We are doing fine," Medina said, according to TV Y Novelas. "We're together. Evidently, we're a normal couple. There's highs and there's lows, but there's always been a lot of respect, and above everything else love, between both of us. And well, we wanted to give our detractors one day of satisfaction. These things bond us closer together."

Medina spoke about the audio recording where he allegedly accused Ninel Conde of having an abortion. He said it was a sad and delicate affair.

When asked if he thought Conde's ex Juan Zepeda was behind the audio, he said: "I'm not being trite, but in this case, any position that I take can throw off the trial, so it is impossible at the moment for me to take a position on the supposed recording."

Medina sent personal messages to close friends and family members to explain what was actually going on. He says that with time, everything will be clear, and he just asks his loved ones to be patient.

"To my family, friends, loves and people who are close to me, I'm doing fine," he said. "...I haven't changed. I'm the same person you've always known, and as such you don't need any explanations."

"I am also telling you that I'm sharing my life with a woman who is gorgeous in all sense, and I intend to make her happy. And lastly, I ask that you have patience as the truth comes to light," he added.

Medina's confident that the matter will get better.

With a new player being added to the mix now that Juan Zepeda is being blamed, the situation proves that it's filled with drama.

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