Updated 10:24 AM EDT, Thu, Apr 22, 2021

Niurka Marcos Says Giovanni Medina Set Up Ninel Conde With Audio Recording Talking About Abortion

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After news hit that an audio recording between Giovanni Medina and Ninel Conde was released, many spoke negatively about Conde and her decision to have an abortion.

The star spoke out and denied these accusations, but Niurka Marcos has her own opinion on the matter. The Cuban singer, who believes that Medina wrecked her car, thinks that he also set up his girlfriend by recording their conversation.

"If you noticed, the recording was done with premeditation," she said, according to TV Y Novelas. "He himself initiated the discussion, so that everything could be recorded. I have no doubt about it."

She does draw the line on what she will make comments about, though. She won't speak out on things she has no idea about.

"I cannot tell if he told her, and if Ninel, in turn, celebrated or applauded his actions," she said about whether or not Conde played a part in what happened to her car. "I am not aware if they took my wheels as a trophy. I do not talk about what I don't see because I wasn't there. Whenever I speak, it's because I have evidence in my hands, and because I can handle what I say. I don't make any assumptions."

She has already questioned his character in the past, going as far as saying that he goes by a fake name. She added that it's a shame that it's going to take these problems for the press to figure out who Medina's real character is.

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