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'Lo Que La Vida Me Robó' Spoilers: Another Enemy for Alejandro, Nadia's Wanted Dead or Alive & Montserrat Is Devastated

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Episodes 108 to 111 brought trouble for Víctor, a disheartened Dimitrio and a possible new beginning for Nadia. (Catch up here.) This is what will happen in episodes 112 to 117.

Episode 112: Pedro finds out that Adolfo has betrayed him. He is trying to figure out where he is, so that he can seek his vengeance. Adolfo understands the trouble he's in, so he leaves Nadia who is trying to calm down her brother. Montserrat wants to help Nadia.

Episode 113: Alejandro tells Fabiola that it's time for her to go home. He doesn't trust her, and he thinks it will be better if she keeps her distance. But before she leaves, she tells Montserrat that she'll be back as the one true owner. Sandro is ready to steal Alejandro's inheritance, and he asks Graciela for help. She wants half the money in exchange for helping him. María will be another enemy on Alejandro's list. She is taking her uncle's advice, which might mean death for Montserrat.

Episode 114: Pedro succeeds in communicating with Víctor before he escapes Aguazul. He warns him that the police have orders to arrest them and to use violence if necessary. They would even kill Nadia if it comes to it. José Luís comes to an agreement with the police and is released. He's in time to warn Alejandro that Pedro Medina has plans to kill Montserrat. And someone finds an opportunity to hurt Montserrat, but instead Graciela is shot.

Episode 115: Montserrat is fighting for her life and it's José Luís who has been by her side the entire time. He feels guilty for not having protected her. Alejandro, Víctor and Nadia try to leave Aguazul to escape Pedro's wrath. Ezequiel is the one who ends up trying to stop them with the police, who begin to shoot by his side.

Episode 116: José Luís finds out Alejandro, Nadia and Víctor tried to escape, and that they were on plane that fell into the ocean. No one survived. Dimitrio tells Montserrat and Rosario about the plane. Montserrat is devastated and cries. She can't believe the love of her life is dead.

Episode 117: Now that Pedro finds out that Nadia is dead, he decides it's Amelia that belongs by his side. Graciela finds a cell phone that Alejandro left for Montserrat, which gave instructions on what she should do to be reunited with him.

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