Updated 09:02 AM EST, Fri, Jan 15, 2021

Cecilia Galliano, Sebastián Rulli Still Haven't Reached an Agreement in Court

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Cecilia Galliano and Sebastián Rulli are facing off again in court, and it doesn't seem they are closer to reaching an agreement.

But they are apparently both on the same page when it comes to their tactics. Galliano and Rulli updated their Twitter accounts with thinly veiled criticism.

"The integrity of a man is measured by his conduct in society," she said.

"Honor is a reason of pride," he stated. "To put into question the honesty and trustworthiness of someone else, you must have these virtues."

A few hours later, both emerged and shared their thoughts once again, reported TV Notas

Galliano started off by explaining how she didn't understand what was happening.

"It is unfortunate to be here and to be arguing about something that is irrelevant," she said. "He already has it all. It's sad that in the agreement he got the house, the Hummer, a motorcycle and now my truck."

She continued to explain that she didn't expect this to be such a long process, but that she felt she had to be there.

Rulli, on the other hand, gave a better idea of what actually went down in front of the judge.

"It was many hours in which the experts gave their verdicts. Two experts are in my favor and one of them is for Cecilia. Neither of the two had to talk. We hope this ends soon. The only thing that we need is to see that it is Cecilia's signature," he said. "The person who I sold the truck to already sold it. This was two years ago. I hope that this can be solved. For me, this is very draining. We couldn't reach a decision at this time, and I want the person who has the truck to not have to be involved. But I have nothing to say about the mother of my son."

Though it seems Galliano may end up losing this battle, she does have the support of boyfriend Mark Tacher.

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