Updated 01:40 PM EST, Fri, Jan 22, 2021

Cristián De La Fuente Reveals Why He Didn't Invite Co-Star Karyme Lozano to His Party

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Cristián De La Fuente recently turned 40 and had a party to celebrate. Noticeably absent was his co-star Karyme Lozano. But before people think there's drama on the set of "Quiero Amarte," the actor explained why she wasn't invited.

"It was paying for a plane ticket, hotel, asking for days off, and it was also inviting someone that you know won't be able to make it," he said, according to TV Notas. "It's complicated."

The party took place in Miami, and De La Fuente added that he didn't want to invite people just out of courtesy.

"Knowing that a person can't go, why invite them?" he said. "I invited people that I knew could go. There were many co-workers from the show...it was a lot of people."

Mostly, he believed that it would be asking a lot to expect some people to have shown up to his party.

"They could have made the sacrifice...," he said. "You need to love me a lot to make that sacrifice. I do not know if she loves me that much, but you really have to love someone to travel and to board a plane."

"Quiero Amarte" has been on air since late October, and at the beginning of this year, De La Fuente and Lozano's characters had their first romantic encounter.

At the time, Lozano was asked if her religion and recent marriage would stop her from doing these scenes.

She said: "My husband knows I am a professional actress. It's purely acting. I will continue to do these scenes, and he supports me. Either way, I do my work with a lot of respect, and this has nothing to do with my marriage or my beliefs."

But months later, the two actors have only shared one passionate scene on screen, which has seriously hurt the telenovela, according to TV Notas. Viewers are upset that more than halfway through the show, there hasn't been much passion between the two.

This has allegedly made for tense situations on set.

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